1.  Will You Deliver?
Yes. Willy Wanna Jump will deliver your bounce house AND set up the unit for you.    We need at
least 15 minutes to prepare and set up.  We offer FREE delivery to customers within our Free
Delivery Area.  There is a charge for delivery outside of that area.  

How Do I Reserve An Inflatable?
Willy Wanna Jump takes reservations on a first-come first-serve basis. To ensure availability, we
suggest you book 4-6 weeks prior to your event. To reserve, just call us at (970)858-8658. We will
also take last minute reservations.  

3.  Could I Set it up Myself and Save Money?
No. Willy Wanna Jump takes great pride in the safety and cleanliness of each unit we rent. The only
way to guarantee you this quality is to do it ourselves. The weight of the units range from 200 to 500
pounds. Many require special equipment to move them into position. Besides, we NEVER charge a
setup or tear-down fee.

What Do Your Bouncers Look Like?
Our bouncers are in the shapes of a Horse, a Tiger, Under the Sea (with Shamu whales on top), a
Disney Princess Castle, a multi-color Castle, and a Dalmatian Dog with a Fireman Hat. Which are
great for boys or girls of all ages. Pictures of each unit are on this website.

How Many People Will The Bounce House Hold?
Our Bouncers are designed to safely accommodate up to 8-10 children at one time.  It is
recommended that you group the children by age and size.   

Can You Set Up Indoors?
Yes. Willy Wanna Jump can set-up your bouncer inside.  A gym, horse arena ,barn or large garage is a
great place to set-up a bouncer, especially during winter months or if rain is likely. The inside space
must be at least, 21 1/2 x 16 1/2' and 20' tall.  

Do I need to rent a generator or attendant for my party?
You only need to rent a generator if there is no electricity available at your party location.
Hiring an attendant is only required if you rent the Bungee Run. However, you may choose to hire an
attendant to supervise any of our other units so you can be free to enjoy time with your guests.

How wide does my gate need to be?
You must have a 36in wide gate opening and a 36in wide path that is clear and level from the street to
the area where the unit will be set up. We will not be able to get the unit across a path that has a steep

My backyard has a slope, will that be a problem?
A slight slope (6in difference over 10ft) will not be a problem. However, the unit cannot be set up on
a slope of greater than 6in.

Will The Bounce House Harm My Lawn?
Willy Wanna Jump cannot guarantee that the bouncer will not have an affect on your lawn.  Due to
the weight of the bouncer and depending on the length of time the bounce is in use, flattened grass is
common but not permanent.  During the heat of the summer, it is not uncommon to see burned blades
of grass a few days after the bouncer has been removed.  The grass typically recovers within a week or
so.  We will use a tarp that will protect the grass from permanent damage due to the shifting motion of
the bouncer.

What if it is Raining on the Day of My Event?
We monitor the forecast closely. If the forecast calls for rain, we will call you prior to your rental time
to decide on any options. Safety is first! We cannot setup or operate in rain, high winds (exceeding 20
mph), or electrical storms. These conditions will prevent Willy Wanna Jump from setting up and your
party will be cancelled or rescheduled.

 Do You Require A Deposit?
No (local delivery)  Rental dates will be confirmed once we have determined a satisfactory delivery and
pick-up time.  We will provide a rental agreement and invoice on the day of the confirmed rental.  Please
CALL Lori at Willy Wanna Jump  (970)858-8658 to Make Your Reservation Today !  We must
receive payment prior to set-up on your rental date.

What if I Need to Cancel?
We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can accept a reservation from
someone else. There is no cancellation fee.  (970)858-8658.

What Is Your Payment Policy?
Willy Wanna Jump accepts cash and personal checks. You may pay when we deliver your bounce
house.  Attendant rates $75.00 for 3 hours / per attendant. If you require an attendant to monitor
your event we can provide this service for you. Our attendants are versed on all safety rules and allow
you to have a fun day for all your party guests.