Flamingo Flocking

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Using a church youth group for our example, an announcement is made to
the church that the youth group is trying to raise funds for (fill in the blank
cause) and that they will do so by holding a Flamingo Flocking Fund Raiser.

Under the cover of darkness, the youth group will visit a member of the
church's front yard and proceed to fill it with 20 Pink Flamingos! In order
to have the obnoxious pink birds removed, the "victim" must make a
donation to the youth group's cause. Once a donation is made, the "victim"
gets to choose who in the congregation will be the next recipient of the
Flamingo Flock. The youth group then removes the Flamingos and delivers
them to the next selected recipient after dark. This cycle continues until
the fund raiser is over.

One twist to the fund raiser is to offer "Flamingo Insurance" to the church
members at the time the FUND RAISER is originally announced. For an
amount to be determined, a member can insure that the Flamingos will
never visit his/her yard by paying the "insurance premium" up front.

It’s just $75 per flock per week to start your flamingo flocking fun!
Plus a $50 security deposit per flock that’s refunded when all of the
flamingos fly home safe.
(2 week rental minimum)
All of the announcements and flamingo insurance forms are included with
all rentals.